Post Doctoral Researcher


Sandeep Sharma

1. Circuits & Device Modelling
2. Optical Switching Devices
3. Embedded Systems

1. 石墨烯 – 銅互連線系統於超大型積體電路中之先進技術開發 (I) 104-2221-E-182-040
2. Investigation of the impacts of proton and neutron radiation of various energy on silicon semiconductor through simulation



Preetpal Singh

1. 發光二極體衰退研究及物理失效
2. 有限元件建模件及及故障機制
3. 石墨烯LED
4. 失效研究及統計方法

1. Investigation of high power LEDs failure mechanisms under varying stress condition
2. RGB LED’s early life time prediction under negative voltage spikes stress
3. Investigation of Silicone Degradation Mechanisms using DFT
4. Failure mechanisms of White and Blue LED’s under different stress conditions
5. Failure mechanisms of Phosphor / QD LED’s

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